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     Well, had a change of heart with QASP and dumped all my cheap shares and now looking to reenter at a lower level. I feel we will be getting it in a few days/week. I'm looking below .0140 and sell again in the .0175+ range.

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     SFIO is another story. never breaks out of its range, sorta boring.

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     The last PR sort of pissed me off and think these guys have a very long road ahead of them till they pull off the $150MM expected revenue a year. Its all a P&D, B.S. PRs to hype a stock till cash is made and reported. Its what got me into it in the first place and hasn't changed. The Company buy back, Stock dilution, COE stock 144 purchase.. all a bunch of B.S. that has had a negative effect on the PPS, but still making money on flipping in and out. Always take a small up front position and be ready to average down till the bottom hits and bounce into the flip.

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     So I think they are indeed building a company and its all fluff till they show numbers.

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     I have made some wonderful trades in and out of QASP and will continue without becomming a long. I just think there is more potential in a flip play than a long term view at this time. Hell, if it runs above .03 its still way cheap to jump in and reevatuate.:slug:

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     I'll be wearing the buy hat as the company will be diluting and with some luck pick up another load under .0140 and get in a quick flip by EOD friday.

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