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Thread: CIND... please comment; thanks.

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     Personally i think this pullback if it continues will provide an oppurtunity to buy the dip in the market. Especially in the Financials!

    The BAC report was stellar and the stock got hit big. Hopefully this will be an isolated incident for Goldman and other banks won't have any wolves and thier closets.

    This may halt the move upward but a large correction is unlikely because a lot of money is still in fixed income securities that on a dip will jump into stocks.

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     Right now it seems like this may not be as big of an issue for the market as initially thought. What do you guys think? Is the market going to continue going down next week?

    I feel like this is the first friday that people weren't afraid to hold their short positions over the weekend. 

    I'm holding MTG and MGM puts over the weekend. Have to be careful with such a bullish market though...:bandit:

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     I suck at shorting & generally not a fan of it but when I saw GS flaming, I didn't even look at the share price...I just loaded up shares and clicked on SELL SHORT!

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     bac was stelar?what are you huffing?bac borrows money @ 0% interest,no wonder it was "stellar".

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     In the meantime, I'm sticking to tech, oil, utilities, pharma, and specialty retail. I just picked up some Intel, Sunoco, Con Ed, Johnson & Johnson, and Lowes for my IRA yesterday. I only bought half positions, in case this GS debacle and the month of May turns the market lower. Who knows, maybe I'll be doubling down in June?

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     GS's defense is that they lost money on the transaction, so they didn't do anything wrong. Their response is so illogical, it's laughable. I think this could be just the start of several investigations, inquiries, and possible suits. All of which would be great for the big picture even though it may hurt in the short term. Investor confidence is going to get shaken further, but the truth needs to come out before we can restore our trust and money with these institutions.

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    Nothing major will come out of this, after a while GS will settle with the SEC for a disclosed amount of CHUMP CHANGE, which wont fit the punishment for the crime they have done. I dont know how long that will take, but it will happen. In the short-term, shorting will be your best friend but dont rely in it long term. I am sure we will have this all figured out before the end of the year if not sooner.

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