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Thread: Strong buy *IDTA*

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    hey booo! i found out where all the money be going in da homeland security area.. iotn. look at dis one on da chawts, It went from penies to dollars in a few years. what does you think of this greed mountain?

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    I have been papertrading SPY for a couple months now, and intend to continue doing so......

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    I chose SPY based on the fact that I thought it would be a little easier to learn the options world using SPY, as market movement can be a little easier to predict.....

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    Overall I am holding my own, up about 10, I know there is a lot of money to be made or lost in options, and am happy with 10 on paper, especially given the markets movements over the past few weeks....

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    I have not read any of his books, and will not...I find that he is best used as entertainment purposes and his picks allow greating shorting

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