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    Anyone on here mess with options? Just looking for a few good options books?

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    I have been reading online, but just want to see if tech analysis differs at all from options and actual stocks.......I am guessing not, based on what an option really is, but I don't want to go too far "guessing"

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    yes it matters alot to know t/a, get books and read for two years and the paper trade for 6-12 months in bull and bear markets. Then trade...

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    the best book i might say to read is- 1. candlestick charting explained by Gregory Morris 2. New trading systems and methods by Perry J. Kaufman.
    Read at least twice and throw out all knowledge retained from Jim Cramers Real Money and the book... Also, those books are only going to help you if you know how the market works, if you are confused about some stuff you will only make the apearance more clowdy

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    I have been trading options since the 90's and stocks since the 70's and you better know what your doing when you trade options. Some real good advice posted by Jacob. Check out lots of info there. I just attented a bettertrades seminar wed. on trading options in indianapolis. For $3000 they will teach you how to trade options if you get a chance go to one of their free seminars or go to their web site some info posted there. The best way to learn is to just do it but do it paper trading and read all you can as most options expire worth alot less then you paid or worthless.

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