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Thread: ENG - Short Sale Opportunity?

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    No.. I dont like it short here at all.. maybe at $16.00, but not here.. that thing just broke out of that base by clearing resistance at $13.00

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    I got in about 18 months ago at 1.20 per share and today its closed at over $14.00 per share...but all rides come to an end. The PE of ENG is over 73 and no where close to any of its competitors nor can the company continue to sustain growth at it's current rate. Seems to me like its a great time for a short sale and enjoy the ride as it comes back to a more reasonable level. Any thoughts?

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    ENG now qualifies as a roulette type gamble in da casino on Wall St. That means you make a small bet opposite of the trend....if you are correct you get paid like a big winner! And please doan fergit me 10 fo splainin why as I did in me previous post.

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    Well my explanation why it was a top is clearly given in da post directly below Bmans 6 month chawt and I used the DMI indicator to splain why it was a top. Plus I missed the top target price by only .20 centavos Shaaaaaang. Check it out

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