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Thread: Metals, Oil, Alt. Energy week.

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    Tokyo exchange is buying gold and silver again because a rate increase might be in their near future. I bet we see new highs this week in gold and silver.

    Oil price increases are also increasing and keeping the value of the dollar down.


    I'm just throwing my thoughts down here. I don't have a crystal ball.

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    Well silver is basically at it's all time high so it'll be pretty easy for it to make a new one!

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    I have a type A personality. I don't mean to be pushy. LOL

    Gold is going to break above 600 this week and silver will go above 12.50, and oil will go above 68.25.

    That way I can be wrong.

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    I think the precious metal sector will be the worst performing sector in da mawkets befo da week is out. The HUI confirmed the 349 high on Fri with a higher high. There are still a few individual stocks with nonconfirmed tops but not many. So I'm wreckin the HUI will make one last run back up taking the individual issues that haven't confirmed t

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