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Thread: Which do you prefer? Fast Money or Mad Money

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    It would be interesting if those who voted would maybe give there reasons why. I noticed the vast majority were going for fast money. I voted for mad money, but I am new to these shows and havnt watched fast money very much, I think I will go check it out.

  2. Default Which do you prefer? Fast Money or Mad Money

    I didn't vote, it's been so long since I watched either one that my choice is meaningless. I'll always have a soft spot for Cramer as his book got me into believing I could trade full time.

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    I don't prefer one over the other in terms of trading ideas. I can think of stocks that were mentioned on both shows that have done well and haven't done well. I do like the part of cramer's show where he takes phone calls and gives his opinon on the viewer's stocks and portfolios because I think it's of value to an average person with little to no trading/investing knowledge.

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    THIS IS A SHOCKER to me! With your vast knowledge and success, I thought you have always traded and that you possibly could teach Jim a few things!

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    Cramer is good for all he does and how he does it and the biggest benefit to me is that he makes it known that the biggest and smallest fish on wall street and in the insiders board room are not gods, nor do they always have investors best interest at heart.

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