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Thread: Dividends Can They Make Money

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    Search the web for info on the Gordon Growth Model (aka contant growth diidend discount model). The answer you're looking for can be found there in calculating the long-term dividend growth rate from the co's historic ROE and payout rates.

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    So what does that tell you? I dunno lol PFE would have made you more money in a one year investment. Though LLY would have sent you more in divident payments. Which would you have preferred? And to make the simulation more complete:....

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    Does that help at all? I mean obviously PFE has Outperformed LLY in the past year. The Yield on Dividends though is in LLY's favor. So that goes back to the original questions. What's your real strategy? If collecting a check is from dividends then LLY is the way to go at least in the past year. PFE did raise the dividend to .20 so in the next year the payments would be closer...of course depends on LLY not raising their dividend payment.

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    Thanks for all the replys. I really can't make up my mind on this. I have owned Pzizer for for about 7 years. Well it was Wyeth then Pzizer bought them out. The stock has made me money all these years and very stable with a very good PE rateing. I just wish it would perform. Its so constant allways hovering around 20 dollars.

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    That is assuming the stock stays low in value. If you pick up a high yielding dividend stock at a bottom you could cash in big time. Sure, dividend yielders are slower moving, but usually that means less risk and hopefully a more diversified portfolio. In this specific case, stick with the solid, strong company (which seems to be PFE). Good luck!

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