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Thread: Turning $10,000 Into $30,000 In a Year

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    What is the best way to invest $10,000. Would that be a mutual fund or a few stocks? The trouble with mutual funds most mutual funds want a minimum of $50,000. Does anyone have a few good suggestions. My current strategy is just holding on to about four different stocks watching the market go up and down for the last 8 years. Not so good. Only getting dividends yet never making some real money. I need a few pointers as actually I'm a layman when it comes to investing.

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    for the average person, there is really nothing better than investing in an index fund on a regular basis. in fact, this simple approach beats most professionally managed funds and stock pickers. it's boring as hell, but is hands down the best strategy for MOST people.

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    I read all this hype about people making millions in the stock market investing in penny stocks. When I try to dig deeper into there scheme I get nothing. No information about there strategies or what stocks they made there millions on. My question is what would be the best way to turn a small investmant into a good gain.

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    I would recommend against penny stocks if you are a beginner. First of all, the volatility is quite crazy on some penny stocks. You could really lose big time in a lot of ways.

    I would start off learning the stock market first with normal investments, then perhaps move up. First, learn the kind of research that needs to be dedicated to learning fundamentals of companies and invest accordingly. If you do it right you can come out with a few extra grand. Diversify your portfolio etc. - just be careful to nurture your money when you are first beginning.

    After a while of that you can move up to options trading if you are still not moving quickly enough. It also seems risky, but if you do your homework on stocks' fundamentals you can make a lot of money with deep in the money call options. You don't have to put up much and returns are huge.

    Just be patient. Unfortunately, few things come easy in this world. You need luck, but make sure you don't turn your investing / trading into a gamble.

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    You'd have to use options or catch an abnormal return from some particularly good news in one stock or another.

    Well, I read in the local newspaper about some guy who transformed $100k in a virtual stock challenge into $1.5m in 4mo, a 15-fold return. So it's definitely possible to make a ton of money, it's just not always a clear-cut case since the strategy will differ from trader to trader. *Shrug*

    Just don't jump into options or anything you don't know about until you know it better than the back of your hand -- virtual trading is your best friend to learn the ropes here.

    On penny stocks: these are pump-and-dump. Forget about e'm. The only way for them to jump is if the company gets acquired. You can still make a profit if it's a heavily traded stock, though.

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    Unfortunately it has come to my attention over the years that when I reveal a true
    money making opportunity that it ends up working out against me in the long term,
    as other folks start to follow through on either my advice or advice that is similar it ends
    up in some BS fashion where my perfect little method is no longer near as profitable.

    You can try it, anytime you have a real winner of a stock go on and post it on the Web, see what happens lol

    This applies to everything I do, whether playing with stocks or otherwise, seems like the sooner
    everyone else is doing what I'm doing, it doesn't work so good anymore.
    Why, I don't know but it's possibly the same reason why once it's mentioned on a television show
    it's half over and I guess in conclusion I can say nothing ever comes easy, but it is also the most likely
    reason why nobody will ever truly just give it up for free.

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