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Thread: Four potential scenarios for the S&P in the coming months

  1. Default Four potential scenarios for the S&P in the coming months

    Here is a repost of some charts from my site. I have outlined four potential scenarios that I could see unfolding over the next few months. Any thoughts about which one is most likely to be in play right now?

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    What about falling off a fuc*ing cliff? I'll have that burger with extra mayo, k?

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    I'll take sideways for a 2 more months, S&P 875-950 followed by a downside break below 850 on financials and earnings next Q. Very close eye on the Fed here for inflection points, and GS for financial leadership

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    This seems like a very reasonable prediction. Numbers this earnings season are bad(YOY revenues are horrible for most companies), but the balance sheets are not that bad since most companies have cut costs dramatically over the last 9 months. Even MSFT fired 5000 workers.

    Going forward you still have an economic mess. You'll have many more foreclosures as unemployment continues to rise. Housing prices should continue to fall. And you have the failure of the "stimulus" pork bill to create any new jobs, while pushing the country deeper into debt. We have credit card defaults, student loan defaults and bankruptcy filings increasing. Commercial real estate loans imploding(probably the next major crisis). Also most businesses have downsized for the recession/depression, but state governments have not. Eventually, they will have to start firing workers as tax revenues plummet.

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