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Thread: What is the purpose of the "Stock Picks" sticky?

  1. Default What is the purpose of the "Stock Picks" sticky?

    Isn't the whole board for Stock Picks? Frankly, I like it when people start a new thread for each of their picks. That way you can scan the topics for your favorites and the discussion is only about that particular stock. With the "Stock Picks" sticky the discussion is all over the lot.

    I understand the good intentions, but it seems redundant.

    Thanks John for your good board participation. Your comments and recommendations are based on wisdom.

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    Actually, the "Trading Styles" sticky was to be able to see what kind of trader you were reading or responding to. That did not get much response. And it is no longer a sticky.

    But then again, that doesn't pitch a stock from some leeching lemming to get a free ride.

    Why give away free stock picks when you could actually show someone how to find their own?

    Because people are lazy and are gone well within a year of their "rags to riches" trady plan.

    Many dead bodies on the member list. Probably getting their mortgages paid as well, LOL!

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    That's what I was thinking, a stock picks thread inside a stock picks sub-forum?

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    To be frank, what I think we should focus on OTF where people help each other and give their stock picks and so on.

    Thierry is doing his job to run the website. I don't think this thread was necessary but anyway guys keep the OTF interesting and keep the focus on money

    Have a good weekend and crush the trades on Monday!

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