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    What's going to happen to MTLQQ? Will the symbol ever be changed back to GM and will they ever get back on the NYSE? What's you opinion? Is it a buy at .50?

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    Not much info to make a halfbaked guess.
    My gut says you have a .10 range to play and your at the top of the range @ .50
    The stock has risen as volume has staedly been dropping off. Thats a good sighn that buyers are holding and not churning the stock. Its a spot that will give you ulcers as what to do. No news, You buy now you are chasing the stock.

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    .40 would have been nice to get in but 20/20 is too easy but not reality.
    Personaly I think GM should have been toast long ago starting with them pulling the plug on the EV1, Out of control Union contracts, and building crap that you can buy for less with Ford. Easter Air lines went away without the US dieing,why not GM?
    They have nothing to offer a customer that anyone with half a brain wouldn't get with a Jap car.
    The brand name is awsome and they can come out of this. Up to the wisdom and direction of the CEO.
    Nice penny play if you do it right.

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    When do you think the "new GM" will start trading again? Any guess on the price of the offering?

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    I felt the same way RF about the scrapping of the EV1, the way it was done with extreme prejudice, classless. GM could have led the way into the new paradigm. Karma's a bitch.
    The uh..... "decision maker"s.... got canned and the company has a load of brilliant engineers who wanted to do the right thing all along.
    I expect GM to find a niche in a much altered auto universe.

    My kid is stalking Tesla's IPO, not on the horizon yet and they have had some interesting business issues but the new sedan has realistic range, is quick as lightning and is wicked looking as hell. It will no doubt be a huge hit if it ever actually becomes available.

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