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Thread: Worst Superhero Awards

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    This is how this works. I will post a "not very heroic" moment of a superhero. The next person to post will rate it and post his bad hero showing, and so on.
    The ratings go from 1 to 10. (1 for not very mature but sort of right, and 10 for absolutely idiotic, dumb and reckless behavior)
    All comic, TV and Theatric versions allowed.
    My Dumb Superhero Award goes to Finn Jones' Iron Fist, for acting cocky and actually hitting a giggling underage kid:

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    Mine is when Flash chose to give Zoom his speed to save Wally.

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    Goddamn Batman kidnaps Dick Grayson, age 12 and forces him to be his sidekick just after he witnessed his parents get murdered.

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    Roy Harper high as kite, and tripping balls on DC's PCP or heroine or what ever, fighting off imagionary foes to protect a dead cat..... Then Batman kicked him in the face.

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    In the heat of battle Ultimate Cap cuts a guy in half with his shield while accusing a whole nation of being cowards.
    Considering the French have a long history of war (Napoleon was Frech) plus the fact that France came to USA's aid during the American Revolution, I think that's sort of racist.

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