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Thread: Does the aggression seem at an all time high to you?

  1. Default Does the aggression seem at an all time high to you?

    It is probably because of social media, and people now being able to voice their political opinion to someone outside their social circle, but tension between liberals and conservatives seem dangerously high at the moment. My stance on politics can be summed up with a quote from Chris Rock. He said something along the lines of I'm liberal about some things and I'm conservative about some things. I have never 100 agreed with either party. They are both shady af.

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    You're absolutely correct kwickwool - the market changes and therefore so must your method or approach. Any fool should be able to work out that what works in a trending market won't work in a choppy market, and what works in a choppy market won't work in a flat market, and so on and so on.

    I am a system trader and I have different rules for different conditions.

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    One issue with the initial post is who it is directed at. If it is directed at new traders, and if they follow your advice, then you've just screwed over a bunch of new traders, because they'll lose their shirt trading by gut. Which is somewhat irresponsible.

    If it's directed at experienced pros, then they probably don't need this advice.

    If it's just for general abstract discussion, then I disagree with you. Although I agree that trading decisions can take into account much more information than is available from a simple set of rules, nevertheless, that extra information still goes through a simple set of rules and filters in your head and a decision comes out. It's not that it can't be a system, it already is in your head, otherwise hwo do you think you come to the decisions you do? But if you mean:

    1) it is incredibly difficult to code up everything to get close to how you want it to trade, and
    2) the key insights that form your understanding, and lead to a particular system at a given time, can't be coded, whereas the system can. The system changes over time, but the insights and understanding can still be the same

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    All time high? Not even close. Maybe all time high starting from 2000 onwards only.

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