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Thread: Not So Squeezy - Trading Manual by Akuma99

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    For those that follow my trading Journal over at Forex Factory ( sorry for the double post, however, I had some requests by some FF traders there for me to put together a manual for trading my Bollinger Squeeze method. What was to be a 3 page summary became a 21 page manual that I hope helps others to understand the process I go through when placing trades.

    I have attached it here to this post in the hope others will find it useful, and even better, can provide feedback, corrections, constructive criticism and expand on its ideas. It is primarily used on the currency markets, but I can't see why it cannot be used on other instruments. I know there are some great minds here, so I thought I would post it for ridicule.

    I have also attached the Metatrader 4 indicators talked about in the manual.

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    Just like to say good for you, posting a document like this that is frank and honest. I hope you get some constructive contibutions. I think it has been put together in a well structured manner, and merits further input.

    Have you read any of the books by Chande ? One way he differentiates between a trending and sideways market is to compare an MA of and ADX with the ADX itself. If the fADX is above the MAofADX and rising, then you have a trending market, if it is below its ranging/chopping/sideways.

    Do not know if that would be faster or as graphical as using the RMMA that you have there, but it would certainly be less subjective.

    Just my few pips worth, good luck.

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    thanks rogerha, exactly the kind of input I was hoping to get here , I haven't heard of that method, although have used ADX in the past, I will google it and see what it is all about

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    I follow your thread on FF and am most impressed with your work. Hope you get the recognition you deserve. Thanks for sharing.

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    Although your particular strategy does not coincide exactly with my own, I must complement you on a very well presented and professional piece of work.

    There are many trading books around that retail at 50 plus and are not even half the quality. I hope we will see more of your work soon

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