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Thread: MT Programmer?

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    I am looking for a MT programmer that can write a code for me and of course getting paid for it.
    I have the system very well explained of what I want to get automated.

    Thank you!

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    I am interested if you can demonstrate the system working with real profits. If it works, I will have no need for payment and I will provide free lifetime support and updates.

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    Perhaps you can do the initial coding. Once it is found to be working, I will take over and take the system to the next level.

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    Then demonstrate. My offer of free service is open to all. The only thing I need to see are pips

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    The only reason why I do not learn to do it myself is because it will take me time and right now I am focused on a startup and I need it done ASAP, but for the future I am definitely looking to learn.
    Now I can not really prove it working yet on live, however I am willing to test it on live account if someone will help me code it.
    So jcl365 is this something you would be interested to do?

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