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Thread: Four Reasons Why The Fed Will Not Announce QE 3 This Friday

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    The biggest even this week is Ben Bernankes Jackson Hole Speech which will take place on Friday August 31. It was at Jackson Hole in 2010 that Bernanke hinted at QE 2. With that in mind, many investors believe that the Fed is about to unveil or at least hint at a similar large-scale monetary program this Friday.

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    There is a fourth and final reason why QE is not in the cards. QE is a policy through which the Fed prints money to buy Treasury or Agency debt from the banks. The problem with this is that these bonds are the senior most assets that the banks use to backstop their trading portfolios.

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    In the case of the TBTFs, these banks only have $7 trillion in assets back-stopping over $200 trillion in derivative trades. The last thing these banks want is to swap out their senior most assets (Treasuries and Agency bonds) for more cash (remember the banks are already sitting on over $1 trillion in cash in excess of their required reserves).

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    Why would it hurt the market? Because the banks NEED assets/collateral. And QE takes this out of the system.
    For this reason, we believe it is highly unlikely the Fed will announce QE at this time. There really is no reason for it to do especially since QE would in fact hurt the big banks: the very institutions the Fed has been trying to prop up.

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