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    what is the most minimal amount of money you can use buying stocks? or bonds anything.

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    the yogurt stains in pits of glee will cast a shadow within the means required to boat up a "measured gill" :beerglass:

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    You need to open a broker account,do a Google search. Each broker has different minimum balance requirements, some have none. Thats a start,then you can buy your .00004 stock if you choose.

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    well. cause i know you can buy stocks and stuff for only 6 - 4 - 50 dollars. but its like, im playing Virtual Stock Exchange at and the company i bought stocks from ( i bought 3 ) and gained 0.32 ? i don't know what that means but. assuming that is money earned, i still lost money. so im hoping i don't have to spend 300 dollars on stock. so that way when it does go up 0.50 cents i gain little profit

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    my dad does minimal number of equity trades (focuses more on forex) but he swears by

    its $4 per trade and no minimums

    i remember seeing which charges nothing and i believe there are no minimums there either but you should double check

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