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Thread: Ameritrade Order Time

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    Does anyone know how long it takes to fully execute a buy or sell order through ameritrade? thanks

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    I dont deal with Ameritrade but most renowned brokers are under and should be under 30seconds.

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    I usually don't wait hovering over the buy key to execute a order. I usually put in a price that I want and place the limit order. I will run the streaming portfolio and chart of the stock that I am trying to purchase. With a little charting and gut feeling place my order to compliment my cost bases and execute the order. It is just about instantaneous when I see the price hit my target that my account then records the change.

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    I have only had one order not trigger, it touched the buy target price for a millisecond and bounced up.

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    it was for ATLI when it was still .001 and then it went up and i missed out on it going to .007.

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