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Thread: Web-based historical backtesting

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    Hi, I've just created, which shows you a random 6-month historical stock chart, then asks you to make a buy/sell decision. It then immediately shows you what the stock did in the next 30 days and tracks your "profit" (you start with a $100,000 paper account). I think it's extremely valuable to teach yourself how stocks act (since it's real data), and it's cool because I haven't seen anything like it before.

    I'm an experienced programmer and intermediate trader, and I'd like to expand the site to include historical back-testing of custom-programmable strategies, as well as day-by-day tutoring (it would show you a historical chart and move forward one day at a time asking you if you want to close the trade). I think this would be an awesome teacher.

    I'd love your comments on my site, as well as any features that you'd like me to add. Thanks!

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    It is addictive ....

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    Hey, I doubled my money in just about fifteen trades or so. (I wasn't counting.)

  4. Default day trading really this easy? Just look at the curve and try to predict its end?

    Yes. That site is cool.8)

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