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Thread: Marl vs. Aiki14 - Ultimate Stock Picking Challenge

  1. Default Marl vs. Aiki14 - Ultimate Stock Picking Challenge

    This thread is set up to determine if Aiki14 can outperform Marl (The Stock Picking Robot from DoublingStocks) within a 20 day period.

    Here's how it goes:

    • Marl will submit his pick via MaryKay1965 (before market open)
    • Aiki14 will submit his pick (before market open)
    • At the end of the day, a percentage gain or loss will be determined between the opening price and the closing price of each others stock picks.
    • A running tally will be kept.
    • After 20 days, the running tallies will determine the winner and the loser.


    If Marl wins, MaryKay1965 receives his choice of any book or video from the gift shop, courtesy of Aiki14.

    If Aiki14 wins, MaryKay1965 will leave this forum and never come back.

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    Why not use the monthly simulation contest for this?
    MaryKay, you can use Marl's picks.
    Aiki, you can use your picks.
    Let's keep a running tally month by month!

    Sounds like a realistic contest to me.

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    My First Pick is BSRC.

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    Marl's Recommendation: United Panam Financial Corp. (UPFC)

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