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    Everytime Obama speaks about his stimulus plan, the market rallies. His stimulus will create jobs, at least that's what he is aiming for. Gotta hand it to him, he is a man of action. I like the guy. At least he is trying. He is a very pragmatic man.

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    I already have a job (trading stocks). So I would rather receive a $600 check from Uncle Sam to Stimulate me. :wink: LOL

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    Question is: Will this plan work long term. Most economists on Bloomberg today said, 'No.':thumpdown:

    What do they know anyway?

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    His plan basically amounts to more deficit spending. I am thoroughly convinced the dollar isnlt going to be worth anything but wiping my arse or heating my home in a year or two. So long as Bernanke and Paulson keep the printing press at the Treasury running around the clock the dollar's value is becoming ever more diluted each day. Obama is complicit in this as he is preaching the same mantra as FDR.

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    I remember listening to Ron Paul during the TARP deliberations. He put it quite plainly and asked Bernanke and Paulson how you fix inflation with more inflation. No one had an answer. This whole system is a house of cards. It's credit built on credit. The economy needs to purge itself of credit and deflate. Unfortunately, it looks like the Fed is hell bent on inflating the money supply which eventually will lead to a hyperinflationary environment. At that point gold, silver, platinum, and palladium will be the only currency most people accept.

    Invest in wheelbarrows everybody. It's going to get ugly.

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