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Thread: Thain "I deserve 10 million"

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    Merrill Lynch CEO Jeff Thain requested $10 million bonus this year
    He says he deserves it for holding Merrill Lynch down to a loss of only $11.67 billion

    Ummmmmmmmmm......if any of that 700 billion goes towards MER, that would be just

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    IMO peanuts compared to what he saved his investors by cutting the deal with BofA.

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    The robots name is John Thane, and he was reprogrammed to remove the request. He's about as disconnected from the real world as anybody can be. And while it is quite possible he deserves the bonus for saving MER from an even worse fate, his inability to recognize the public relations debacle that would be resultant from such a bonus is comical.

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    I'd hate to see how much he would have asked if his company made 1 cent for the year... "I deserve $100 million because we made 1 cent this year."

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    He was very smart on the timing of the sale, I definitely think Merrill would've gone under and taken the markets with it had he not made the deal. Blankfein got 60 Million last year, look at what GS stock has done this year.... I don't think any of these guys deserve this many millions, but compared to his peers Thain has done a good job, the best possible with the crummy situation he stepped into.

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