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Thread: Thoughts on GM?

  1. Default Thoughts on GM?

    I'm holding onto 70 shares of GM. Am I foolish to think something good is coming for Gm considering the latest news, or is it still a reasonable gamble?

    Looking for some seasoned advice!

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    Well, unless you need the $400 you'd get from selling now, I don't see a good reason to sell... you're staring at 5 year lows here buddy.... I guess it's one of those were I wouldn't really buy here, but not sell either..

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    Thanks bahroor. On that advice, I'll keep holding on to it and watching the news on the auto industry crisis.

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    I would sell. I believe gm is a company that is worthless.

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    I heard a recent news report that stated that GM is considering cutting its R & D operations except for work related to the Volt, which is presumably being funded by the energy bill loan program passed last year. That's about 1.5 months of spending ($1.5 billion). See "".

    The upcoming merger with Chrysler will be a disaster, I think, and will endanger both companies. I'm thinking about the failed late '90s Fiat merger to the fourth power.

    GM is as speculative as any other small cap stock at this point in time. You aren't in the stock for the long haul, right?

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