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Thread: CCTC - low float

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    Very low volume trader but it's on the rise, seems unaffected by the horrible market...I'm keeping an eye on it!

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    Still moving along, 8.90.

    Seems unphased by the market.

    Interesting fact, CCTC moved from $0.01 in October 2007 to $20.00 in February 2008.
    $500 would have turned to $999,000 in four months. -> buggati. :lol:

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    counnyCloro Guest


    That's an ultimate penny stock dream! Even better than IDID a decade ago.

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    I will be looking forward to nabbing some of this soon and will post when I do so if an entry is suitable..possibly tomorrow; looks to continue its uptrend and perfect entry here on the dip imo.

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