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Thread: Auto Industry solution is to stop making Big Cars no one wants...

  1. Default Auto Industry solution is to stop making Big Cars no one wants...

    and start making little cars that no one wants. Leave it to american automaker to have sub-par design, inferior engineering, and high-maintenance cars.

    Who is up for a car that does 0-60mph in 55sec? A car that can hold a gallon of milk and 1 loaf of bread. Forget about the golf clubs back there, all you need is room for bread and milk (maybe a body :? ).

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    Bolt some milk creates on the roof and hood and you increase your carrying capacity 10x.

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    Funny thing is Ford spent the past 20 years investing too much in gas guzzling cars for the US now they can't afford to make more efficient cars for that same market.

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    Motortrend had an article a while back about 8 cars over 40 mpg. I think 6 of the were diesel powered and that is why we will never see them in the States. The USA has the most strict diesel emmissions standards of anywhere in the world.

    You want those cars? Write your congressman and senators and tell them to get behind it. It only makes sense as our supplies of light sweet crude are depleting and new discoveries tend to be of the heavy sour kind which makes much better diesel than higher refined grades of petroleum.

    When life gives you lemons make lemonade.

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    Ford should bring this 65mpg car to the US:

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