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Thread: Is anyone else concerned about the Treasury Market Collapsing?

  1. Default Is anyone else concerned about the Treasury Market Collapsing?

    Does anyone else see a little problem forming here? :embarassed:

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    Been saying it for months on these boards. Eventually the US won't be able to find a buyer for their junk debt. At some point the debt service on our trillions of promisory notes will become so steep we simply work to pay back the debt. The problem is the Federal Reserve. We can take a step toward liberating ourselves from the shackles that is wage slavery if we were to muster the cojones to abolish this fraudulent private organization that enslaves the world.

    At this point the US is not even trying to sell bills, bonds, and notes to China to pay for the trillions in promises they have doled out. The Treasury is simply printing money a la the Weimar Republic. All it takes for this whole phony house of cards to collapse is for someone to say "nope, that pile of paper you're offering me isn't worth my goods/services". At that point the fiat currency goes bust. Then what are we going to pay the debt back with? Monopoly money? Seems about as good as the garbage we have now.

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    Read this when you have time. Speaks of the fictitious GOLD LID, but excellent run down on the FED's manipulation including US Doallr and Treasuries.

    Looking forward to the US Dollar crash.....

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    I don't know how many people on here trade in the treasury market but I wouldn't want to be long treasuries.

    Isn't it in the best interest of countries to keep their fiat currencies going too? People will get hint that all currencies are worthless, then we might have to have some type of global currency don't you think?

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    No I wish it could all continue so I could make my millions.

    One thing about treasuries is that they are considered to be practically "no risk", and in a sense they are, but what if the money they pay you back with is worthless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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