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Thread: Recommended Reading!

  1. Default Recommended Reading!

    Not your usual list :lol:

    Browsing around and looking at some past forum threads....these are hilarious and highly entertaining to read, guaranteed.

    The Bashing of Mojo the Blogger

    Aiki14 vs watchtvgetpoor Contest

    TonyM and User Rep being enabled

    Why post?

    BSGCORP Exposed

    Biggest Gain Stories

    Jack24..."Cash is King"

    TonyM and a Nigerian Scam

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    Haha, the good old days, I for one miss Luc1, he was entertaining and a good trader. I've had a pc crash and lost track of the other forum he went to and email address.

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    anateedge Guest


    Me too, elitetrader was one I believe...also lost his contact PM's got cleared

    All off zyzzyva57's threads were highly educational too.

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    Damn, I've forgotten so many of the regulars that were daily staples here, of course I'm just as guilty of going on a sabatical, but ya know, a single guy freshly divorced has more important things to do than watch numbers all day long...until his money starts getting pretty damn tight, lol.

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