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Thread: Is it possible to trade for a living with the RVS Closing Price System?

  1. Default Is it possible to trade for a living with the RVS Closing Price System?

    Looking for advice - Is it possible to trade for a living? Are there any full time traders on here doing it for a living?

    I'm new to this forum so just trying to get a handle on the balance of things. Obviously I know most on here are new traders etc. which is great but just thought I would ask.


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    For me it's technically possible. I could retire tomorrow and live off it, BUT I love my job too much so keep postponing!

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    Nice one - good for you!

    I started in 2008 and enjoyed every minute. Well most of them!

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    Not sure about EdwardNob - I reckon the ones who make a living don't actually post. Too much noise here for professional traders They got Piphoe and beginner joe ,who are very noisy full of BS.

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    Charles does it for a living. He is paid by the shops and here to confuse so the shops make more profit. If you want to make a living from trading, you have to be on the side of the shops because they will ALWAYS win.

    I on the other hand, have the upper hand. I utilise the RVS Closing Price System, and if I wanted to could hang up my boots tomorrow but it's nice to have two incomes for as long as possible so I am keeping with my real job as well for the time being.

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    HA! Yes, and all I have is 5 minutes of work everyday ,executing the trades , and then its off killing time at the zoo!

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    You post misinformation because you are a paid stooge. Admit it.

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    In the trading gold rush , the biggest posters on forums are:

    learners ,amateurs and failed traders
    indicator sellers
    back testing software sellers
    platform sellers
    merchant's agents
    authors looking for free material
    traders forward testing their methods
    psychologists selling services
    Trading educators
    Trading mentors
    system sellers
    method sellers
    Big candle system sellers
    copy trades software sellers and outfits
    trading university education sellers
    signal sellers
    book promoters
    trading gold map sellers
    site owners,mods and staff
    trading pretenders with other agendas
    automated software sellers
    e a sellers
    system developers
    method developers
    sharks and small fish
    95% lose rebuttal teams , led by Tar
    broker's agents
    bucket shop's misinformation agents
    pump and dump merchants

    Who have I missed out?

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    And you're all of the above?

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    traders forward testing their methods and winning.

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