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    Thank you for your thoughts. I agree with your assessment of my idea: it does have those flaws. "Wait for it fall" is very subjective as to when I see I made its bottom. However, the other sites that were suggested previously work very similarily. They rank them based on overall performance not when cramer said to trade. If you look, a lot of energy stocks are "his worst picks." I personally, have made $$$ from some of those stocks and eventually he said to get rid of energy. Therefore, I feel there is no faithful algoritm to rate his calls.

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    You have made the mistake of criticizing a man whose only virtue seems to be screaming at the top of his lungs while spewing saliva along with his rendition of analysis. I saw the 60 Minute segment devoted to him and all I can say is ......he has found a new forum to display his histrionics...booyah ! The funniest statement Cramer has made is when he said that he relished the idea of teaching people how to invest. It would be fascinating to develop statistics as to how much money Cramer has made (or lost) for people who have followed his advice as opposed to those who retain a vestige of sanity and disregard his rantings.

    The fact is that Cramer makes a bundle doing his act ( and he risks nothing other than criticism) There are those who think he is the ultimate guru....and then there are the rest of us.[/img]

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    Only virtue? That's quite a strong and morally judgmental statement about any human being.

    I have made quite a bit off Cramer's calls and have found his rules for investing helpful, which it looks like you never even bothered to check out. No, I do not think he's perfect, but it's one thing to criticize a person's show or stock calls and another to go that low, buster. Go fly a kite.

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    Yes, as others have said, it is your money and you need to be skeptical of the TV entertainers and their off the cuff responses. However enjoy the show and learn from some of the strategies that are being revealed. Can you believe I never used a limit order until I started watching Cramer!!!! What a moron I was all these years. Have to give Jimbo credit on that one and I have not used a market order since.

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    You know, I never even thought of that, and the same is true for me. Over 2 years using nothing but market orders until Cramer mentioned the "rip out your entrails and strangle you with them" analogy. Now I wonder if I would have learned about limit orders on my own, or if I would still be letting the brokers rob me. I also thank him.

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