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Thread: Are these paper stocks worth anything?

  1. Default Are these paper stocks worth anything?

    Hi, iam not an investor and dont know anything about trading but i have some paper stock that my grandfather left for us.
    They are 80 papers and its 35 years old.The name of the papers is UNION ZAIROISE DE BANQUES. Does anyone knows how to find the value of these papers?

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    I searched on the net and found that this bank became bankrupt in 2006 and was merged into the Banque Congolaise.

    Are these papers now worthless and if yes how to proceed ?

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    Maybe you can call Banque Congolaise directly and ask them? Unfortunately most likely those stocks are worthless now, but still make the call.

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    Thank you trader ,i will call them and find out.

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    Probably not worth anything, but definitely check. It's neat if anything!

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