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    I don't pay attention to Cramer's picks and pans as much as I do to his advice about investing, in general, which has really helped me out a lot. Using that, I have been able to pick some good winners, developed the courage to dump losers, and I do get some ideas about individual stocks on his show. But like most of you here, I research and make my own choices in the end. Pricing and entry points has a lot to do with my own successes and failures, I noticed, and the market has been very volatile. It's hard to know what to do, in that regard.

    I'm in all cash now, waiting, watching... may change that next week, may not. Want to see some pullbacks in a couple of stocks before pulling the trigger, again.

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    Guess I need to clarify what I put in the post. I think its dangerous for a lot of investors to watch MadMoney. Not everyone but some people might blindly follow his hipe and as a result lose their shirt. He's a salesman and he's very capable of leading the herd over the cliff. The TV network should do a lot more to tone him down or get him off the air. I hate to see some old man and woman lose their retirement nestegg by following his advise. I think it would be ok if the old man and woman paid to get his advise and as a result they lose their shirt but right now his advise is almost forced on everyone because its on every day three times a day.

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    Optimus said it best. Cramer makes good and bad calls, same as everyone else. Cramer serves a dual purpose. He provides entertainment for those of us who watch his show and he helps to make the stock market exciting for younger guys like me.

    Anyone who acts on his advise without first doing their own research deserves what they get. How seriously can you take a guy who throws chairs and toy bulls around? He has some good general advice and provides ideas. He may bring stocks to your attention that you've never heard of before. However, it is the individual's responsibility to to their own follow-up research before investing their money. You can devote a small portion of your portfolio to "gambling", but you shouldn't put yourself in a position to lose your nest egg based on the advice of a guy on TV that's throwing toy bulls and shouting things like "booyah" and "are you ready skee-daddy".

    If someone feels like his advice is "forced" on them, they should find something else to watch. I think I would hold him to a higher standard if his advice WAS paid for. But with FREE advice, you get what you pay for. 8)

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    Cramer is not the only analyst on tv, the internet or in newspapers... is it dangerous to watch them, too? Investing in Wall Street is not like going to Disneyland, so let's get real about that. If it was so easy and risk free, we'd all be millionaires. :lol:

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    I thought of a way to try to test the reliablity of cramer, to see how bad he is doing...I will open a fantasy account on and buy 10 shares of everything he is bullish about, hold it for a fixed period of time say one month (as he suggests on his radioshow, Real Money), unless he prescribes a length or gives it a bear. I wonder how it will work out. Personally, i'm a cramer fan but i want to be as objective as possible about the content of his show.

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