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Thread: Anyone else in the path of the eclipse?

  1. Default Anyone else in the path of the eclipse?

    We're right in the path of the solar eclipse happening Monday, August 21. I've never seen more than a partial before, and am told it's really something. The missus and I took the day off of work, and plan to relax and experience it. Hopefully, the weather cooperates! There starting to make a big deal out of it here, with law enforcement recommending people don't drive during totality, as others will probably stop in their tracks. Lots of hype, and a few rip-offs starting to surface. Anyone else gonna see it?

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    Not this one. I was in the direct path of one a few decades back. It is very cool to experience.

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    It is an awesomely wonderful experience
    Last one was around noon as I recall
    the birds roosted
    the dogs bayed
    a bit of a rush of wind
    creepy cool

    This one is a bit north of us, Madras OR

    Lotsa warnings here about the influx of sightseers

    I'm doing all I can to tell folks the nearest and best is in Idaho...

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    We are. Looking foward to seeing it Dow at our build site. : )
    They are closing local schools here.

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    Just awesome! Hard to describe, really. 100% here, and we just got past totality when a cloud bank moved in.

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