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Thread: ES trading system. Wanna change

  1. Default ES trading system. Wanna change

    I have one trading system for ES futures. I think it can work on YM, NQ, TF also.
    This is equity

    Here is backtest from 1/2007 to 12/2013
    60% profitable trades, PF=2, 88$ average trade, long-only.
    no indicators. one optimized value.

    I could change this (easy language code) to another intraday trading system for CME futures.

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    Why long only?

    Is it unprofitable when the market goes down?

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    Pattern number 2

    CL futures, long only

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    How does it perform from 1999 to 2006? This looks like a winner.

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    If you give me historical data 5 or 15 min frame I`ll make backtests.
    But I think that system has same dinamics at all time.

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