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Thread: Shopping for a new cell service provider.

  1. Default Shopping for a new cell service provider.

    Sprint service has been horrible. Looking at the other "plans" and all these folks are nothing but criminals. The way that they all collude to force you to buy data plans if you have a smart phone. Or you can go with a simple phone that is a cripple and works very poorly. Those are the choices, thanks for playing.

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    I use T Mobile and have full data access and no plan. I pay about a hundred dollars a month for two phones and unlimited everything.
    The bad part is I don't use mine for much because I can't see the damn phone. I do use the phone as a mobile hotspot for my laptop or tablet and I can read them sometimes.

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    I had that problem too, Peternap... the Samsung Note is much better for me.

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    Beggars can't be choosers. As much as I think ATT is overpriced, I have to say, even way up in the forest, miles from the nearest one horse town, I get full signal. Verizon swore they got the whole region covered but when I asked the salesman to zoom in on the coverage map, there was one small patch that wasn't shaded. That would be me

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    here's another solution, from blog in mother earth news

    I have a cheaper alternative, from the same supplier on order. "from no bars to full bars" is the claim.

    I'll report back after I get it and try it out

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