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    I'm sure this has been asked alot but I just want an update. What are all the choice out there for platforms and a quick opion on each would be helpful.

    I am using Trade Arch. with TD-A right now. I like it but I dont think it gives me the speed that I could have with another platform? by speed I mean just entering in my order, too much clicking and typing.

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    I hear good things about Tradestation

    Opinions on Tradenet?

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    I use scottrade. Enter the company code click trade, enter buy/sell, price, always buy on limit order, time limit order day, week etc, I done. Do around 50 trades a month like it.

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    Why do you like Scottrade? Most traders I talk to prefer to use a.... 3rd party software opposed to what he brokerage firms are offering.

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    I like their web sight and what they offer. I was dealing with edward jones and really spending the money with them. The 7 or so dollars a trade is nothing compared to what I make. This last week I paid them 58.65 in fees but walked away with 638.00 profit and that was just the first 4 days of the month.

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    You might like, it is Europe based social trading platform and a broker.

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