Goldman Sachs has put out the 10 market themes it is forecasting for 2017 and, unsurprisingly, they are heavy on Donald Trump. With each forecast, I’ll lay out my view as to whether they seem rational or hold fast to the Goldman Sachs culture of being very anti-Trump.

First, they don’t expect returns to be much higher, different than what some think Trump could bring. This is Goldman Chief Investment Strategist David Kostin’s position. As recently as Sept. 16, Kostin put out a note that the S&P would end that year no higher than 2,100. The S&P punched out a new all-time high yesterday of 2,193 and we haven’t even had any Santa Claus sightings yet. Not only will he eat crow this time next year, he will likely step down in lieu of someone with a more ambitious view of the domestic economy and the stock market. After all, it’s better for business.

Second, Goldman expects growth in the United States on the back of a Trump stimulus. Gee, it seems the right hand at Goldman isn’t talking to the left. For a bunch of guys and gals that as partners bank about $20 million each per year, you think they could put out something a bit more creative than something Joe Six Pack is already astutely aware of. But again, this is the same company that sent an internal memo to employees forbidding them of displaying public support for Trump.