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    Nice! More of Cramer's can't miss picks gettin hit hard in AH trading, congrats to those who bought SWKS 20% higher than where it closed based on Jimbos buy call from a couple weeks back 8O PLAY? BOOYAHOO BABEEEEEE! If you bought SWN above 72.00 on his natgas call well don't you worry. According to Jim on tonight's show you are only about 5 more points away from having this pig rally enough for you to get your $$$ back! Now how sweet is that you tell me? GLW buyers who got in at 21.00? If it gets to 19.00 before it gets to 17.00 cut your loss! But if it gets to 17.00 before it gets to 19.00 then Jim says load up for an even bigger butt whoopin! Sweet! :lol: :lol: I was curious. CNBC did a promo about Cramer's second town hall meeting and they said we could meet a stock picking genius live if we call in and make reservations to attend. Does anybody know who Jim's guest is gonna be? What genius are they talking about? .......errrr.....wait a minute! They don't mean Jim! do they?!!! :lol: :lol:

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    Nice! last night Cramer said there was about 5 more points of downside in SWN. Was today's rally caused by Jim's call that they head lower? :lol: You decide. Actually, you should be deciding whether or not you want to take 72.00 if you bought there per his buy call, which of course is highly possible. Now at 71.50ish, off the 72.00 high. What if he is right about the 5 points?!! What if it heads lower and he is wrong about the 5 points?!! Do I hear 10 points?!! anybody?!! :lol:

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    Cramer gettin it done all in one day! Congrats to those who just bought GLW on Cramer's advice to average down from his initial call to buy at 20.00+!! :lol: My stance would be to cover GLW short on a break of 16.00. I think it will rally to 20.00+ on the next rally, wherever that comes from But the shorts made big $$$ on Cramer's buy call. Once again. Thanks for the extra premium that GLW obviously didn't deserve but you created Jim! Hopefully my target of 15.75-1600 works out as a low for this fall in GLW. Just for the long's sake. If it gets to the point where Cramer says sell which would probably be at 10.00 or so I will be lookin ta buy! Per the Cramer timing indicator of course :wink:

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    I learned after the DKS and CKR call that he is "guessing" like all the rest. Fortunately I only lost a little on those "can't miss calls", but I learned. Pigs may get slaughtered but blind hogs do sometimes find acorns. Can honestly say I'm cured from watching every night. I have no faith in his observations. Some independant web sites now track his percentage and I believe it is around 1% up overall. Passbook savings accounts do better then that. So I vote for "B."

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    Here's where it might get interesting. I made some commentary at one of the general market direction boards at this site over the weekend that last week's Nasdaq low would be taken out this week. That happened today. I also said that we will see the energy sector separating from the market in general. Last week everything was down early and then up late in the week. Today the energy sector is up, the Nas is down, ahhhh, sweet separation! If the rest of my assumption comes true we may have a situation where Cramer is stuck in a catch 22. In order for AAPL to rally off today's low (whatever that turns out to be) it will more than likely have to generate a good earnings report tonight. And it may also need the extra help of falling energy stocks and prices to make a new 52 week high. So although Cramer may be partially correct about AAPL and possibly some other tech. He may have to pay in a big way with his long term buy and "homework" call on the energy sector right up at the tippy top. I hope my scenario takes place. I love watching Cramer's veins pop during the Mad Money show! :lol:

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