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    Ahhhh, another Cramer contention, Eddie Lampert is the next Warren Buffett :lol: Buffett doesn't need TA because he only buys when sentiment is very bad, like when he came in and pillaged the energy utility stocks when Enron was in the news way back when, and EP, a company he bought pipeline assets from was just about in the same boat as Enron. When the failing industry needed money Buffett was there to bail them out, and the companies that need bailing know he is there so he's the first one they contact. Cramer was just a few short moths ago teetering back and forth between whether or not CPN was a buy. He even said Buffett may be the buyer back when CPN was making that big run off the recent low below 2.00! Now Cramer says CPN is toast. And I think he is right personally. And Buffet may still go after CPN or its assets, but not when the rest of the sector is the only game in town! :wink: Lampert on the other hand let KMRT run its course and then pulled a Buffett except that he knew his actions meant the shareholders of KMRT (at that time) were screwed. Lampert and Wall St then worked their majic on all the people who followed Cramer's contention that SHLD is now a "land bank" as Cramer calls it. :lol: Ridiculous! In the end the scam that Lampert pulled on the shareholders of the new KMRT (SHLD) will be justly rewarded. Probably not until you guys stop believing Cramer's SHLD story though. Buffett would never pull a stunt like what was done with SHLD/KMRT. Bufett has both empathy AND credibility.

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    Yepper uth. Maybe one of the Cramer faithful will verify that for you. He did say that VLO goes to $150. I think the damage that the hurricanes did to VLO's fascilities will look like child's play compared to what the market will do to its stock price well before $150 is attained. We shall see.

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    Cramer admits that he has his weaknesses, and I don't think there is anybody out there can be 100% right.<<

    So true, Optimus. I think Cramer's analysis of companies is usually right on target and very helpful, it's the timing factors that can be a problem. Last night, he said the pullback wasn't over. I listen to him, because he is on Wall Street hearing what those people talk about and I'm not. I was thinking about picking up something this morning, but didn't on account of it and missed out. I have to stop doing that. It's me... and maybe he is as in the dark as we all can be, is all I can figure.

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    DIW, I didn't watch his show last night. But if Cramer is saying the markets have bottomed he will be proven wrong before the next trading week is out. The 2068ish low on the Naz will be taken out this week. I suggest that anyone who owns SNDK in particular use extreme caution. I understand that he had the CEO on the show for an interview after the after hours trading session was complete, so the frenzied fools didn't have a chance to move it after hours. It may see a pop on the open through 54.00, I'd personally use the pop to fade it, or even short. It is well documented in the past that when Cramer invites the CEO of a company on for an interview it very often the top in the stock price. NLY, TOL, SCHN are 3 past examples. Let's see if SNDK is trading down big before the week is out. Another interesting Cramer jinx factor. :lol:

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    Goooooo CPST! I guess that anyone who took Cramer's advice and waited for this pig to trade back below 4.00 before they bought (per his advice) would have to consider this a "mon back"!!!! :lol: What say you?!! And why do you think Jim will have the answer?!! 8O

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