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    Just because Cramer is bullish doesn't necessarily signal a top. If you bought VLO when we was heavily recommending it in the 70's, you'd still have a healthy near 50% profit now.

    He's human, right sometimes, wrong others. He did decare a "top" to the energy stocks awhile back, but then the hurricanes came and he seemed to back away from that call.

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    uth. True! He did say trim on 8/11. That's factual. The big move came after he made that call to trim. He then issued a buy well into the move. So instead of buying on a pullback he bought on a breakout. HAL at 66.00ish for instance which was $20 above where it was when he said sell on 8/11!! That's factual. But yes, the last run made those buyers profits as HAL made its 52 week high, if they were smart enough to sell without Jim telling them to. When HAL was at the high a lightening round caller intuitively felt it was time to sell. Cramer knew he was going to be right so he dissagreed. Why would he say sell anything when his target for VLO to 150.00 hadn't been hit yet? So the viewers were on their own. This board is based on what Cramer ACTUALLY said to do. His next call might make you or break you but I imagine you have to be thankful if you don't do everything exactly as he says to. He's still in a holding pattern since there was no new sell calls. Good luck to anyone holding SWN, CHK, HAL, RIG, ECA, you know the culprits. His next call may be his most important one yet! I'm anxious to see what he says next! :lol:

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    I am sorry to disagree with you, but that was a sucker's call and I fell for it. The right one would have been to buy on Thursday, after they had gone down a few more bucks from where they were on Tues. :!: The energy stocks usually follow that weekly pattern, too. He screwed up.

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    Cramer admits that he has his weaknesses, and I don't think there is anybody out there can be 100% right.

    Regarding TA vs FA. Warren Buffet...nuff said.

    If you can find a TA technician with Buffet's his track record than I'll listen to the argument. I'm not trying to knock Technical Analysis because I use the technique myself. Trading in and out of the market is time consuming not to mention emotionally taxing since we attach so many things to money.

    All I can say is: good luck to everyone. You have got to be smart, quick, and have strong convictions to buy and sell in a market like this.

    Bulls will make money going long. Bears will make money shorting. And pigs will definitely get slaughtered!

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    Correct, the week before he went on vacation in August, he told viewers to buy or hold their energy stocks. When he got back (after three horrible down days in the sector) he told everyone the party was over, sell sell sell, and anyone who had held onto their energy stocks was a hog, insinuating that we deserved to take those losses.

    Then he said he had actually sold a bunch of his shares while he was gone, after allowing that five day silence period he is bound to in his charitable trust to expire. Pumped & dumped, insulted us, then gave a bad call losing a LOT of viewers money who followed it.

    We told everyone on here not to sell into a bad session and not to worry, the energy stocks were not shot and his head was still parked back there in Hawaii, who knows what he was drinking down there? Whatever it was, give me some! LOL :lol:

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