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Thread: TSCM - benefits from Cramer's Popularity

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    BOOOYAHOOO!, I have to disagree with you. Cramer has been bullish on HAL, TOL, and GOOG since the spring, if not earlier. As you said, HAL had run to 48 and he took a little off the table not to be a pig. He didn't say to sell Hal, but simply take some profits. As for TOL and LEN, he was bullish on those long before they hit there highs. He reiterated his buy on TOL right before the split as well. As for GOOG, he's been long on that with his 350 price target forever now. He was writing GOOG on his knuckles at 180; way before 275.

    Finally, since he recommended SWN, the stock ran up to 82. He promptly said (on that it was now overbought, and he didn't recommend it at that price. You can check the archives on that too.

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    Bottom line, if you've been in any of these 4 stocks when he first recommended them and have gotten out of TOL when he said, then you made money on all 4.

    Besides, as Cramer himself admits, no one is good enough to call an exact top or bottom, so he's not going to be perfect on every call. He's been wrong on plenty of stocks, but in my opinion, you picked the wrong 4 to critique him on. I think DKS and MRH are 2 of his worst calls by far and he's acknowlegded that on air multiple times. He's not looking so hot on his SHLD buy either. He's been calling that a buy the whole time it's ridden down from its high of 163.

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    wqcustom. I am only basing what I say on what he has said since the show first started. GOOG was not trading at 180.00 I don't believe. And the fact is that he did say buy 3 different times up here near 300.00. He has not said sell those buy calls yet, so in essence he is averaging his followers in for the run to $350. So yes, you have profits if you listened to previous calls. We don't care where it's been, we care where it's going from here. :wink: If you check the facts on TOL you will see that what I said about it is true also. As a follower of Cramer, how would you rank his call to buy MSO here recently? He said to wait for 25.00 to come, it traded to 26.10. That's the exact low because I was following it. From there it started rallying. CNBC did a piece about Martha's new reality show and it really ramped. That night Cramer said to buy. It actually closed the day above 30.00! If you bought his advice you know what you paid. Cramer says to not chase rallies. If you bought MSO you bought Cramer's rally after he chased the rally! Is that good?! :lol: Looks like GOOG buyers might already be underwater. Who knows? Maybe the fact that I'm telling it like it is is jinxin him! :wink:

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    What he said about people holding on to ECA and having egg all over their faces last night made me want to hurl one at his. Talk about adding insult to injury! 8O

    There was no call for that statement and when he said that people are mad at him for telling them to buy oil, he forgot to mention that some of us are only mad at him because he said to buy oil on TUESDAY. The rest of it has been obvious and the call on nat gas was a good one, just never jump in on tops, especially when it comes to volatile sectors like energy.

    If anyone knew better about buying an oil stock on Tues, it's me... beating head against the wall. That is all.

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    DeepinwonderwhyIbought It's just a learning experience. The lesson isn't over yet actually. The energy stocks might still ramp and bail everyone out. But if they don't the ones who bought will perhaps learn what is happening around them when a top is at hand. Perhaps a long term top at that. You are correct. Cramer's response was to move on to the next subject. My reason for starting this board was because I know how wrong Cramer is with in his analysis. I'm not here to make friends! I'm here to save you money! :lol: BTW, the call to buy on Tue was indeed a good one. I think I already thanked Cramer in a previous post for the extra 20% he gave the people looking to short the natgas sector. I'll just say it again, "HALLALLUYAH!" :lol:

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