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Thread: Cramer as a timing indicator

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    Let's see if Cramer's bullishness about the energy sector ends up signaling the top, just like it did with the homebuilders. When mad money first came on the air he was saying to buy TOL and some of the others. Almost immediately TOL slipped 15% off that high. Cramer blamed it on Greenspan raising rates. He said sell and TOL fell anothr 10% just because of the idiots that listen to his every call and do what he says. TOL then rose from that low through where it was at when Cramer said sell. So basically Cramer's sell call was a signal to buy. He later reiterated a buy on TOL when he said he "saw Greenspan blink" as TOL once again approached the 52 week high. Later he said to switch out of TOL and into LEN. It began to drop almost immediately after he said buy. So those who bought either TOL or LEN lost big money. I think all of you Cramer lovers know his current stance on the homebuilders. Let's see if they can stage another rally since he is so bearish.

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    On Aug 11 Cramer said he was feeling "piggish" about the oil stocks and said to take profits. He in fact said he took some off the table in HAL at around 48.00. You can verify this by checking the archives of the show. HAL then reported great earnings and went on a stealth run, thus leaving anyone who had bought HAL on Crmer's buy calls in earlier mad money shows behind since they may have sold per his 8/11 call. Cramer later reiterated a buy call on HAL at 66.00. Last week he came out and said that the natural gas sector was the one place investors should put new money. He made SWN his focus stock and new buyers had no choice but to pay 68.00+ on the open the next day since SWN did not trade in after hours trading after his buy call was issued. As of last night he is still mega bullish on the sector, so those who bought HAL at 66.00 are now underwater. I will monitor SWN and HAL and some of his calls just to see how his followers are realistically doing based on his buy and sell calls. So far I have found that the only people making money are the ones that are sitting at the computer as he makes his calls and buying in live after hours trading as quickly as possible.

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    Ut oh GOOG longs. Cramer found a stock that didn't get hit too hard today, GOOG! Since I have been following along he has now made 3 buy calls on GOOG, 275.00, 295.00, and today at 312.75 minimum since you won't get it any cheaper than that tomorrow based on what the flock of Cramer worshippers do with his advice. I sure would hate the same thing to happen to the GOOG longs that happened to the people who bought any of the natural gas stocks after his strong buy call on that sector just last week. Usually a Cramer buy call generates a much more serious frenzy in the stock price than what GOOG managed in after hours trading. Let's see if the ole Cramer curse comes out to bite Jimbo as badly as his call to buy the natgas stocks did less than 1 week ago. OUCH! Tonight he advises those who listened to him that there is more pain ahead in the energy stocks. Just hold until Jimbo does a "mon back" :lol: God forbid if SWN drops another 20% and he says sell! :lol:

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    I have seen this over and over and OVER again....

    ESPECIALLY with Kramer, now that's he's just a more "stately" long only guy, he reads the NEWS about companys. News is a sell signal, charts and the markets ANTICIPATES news coming -- coming into earnings sessions.

    Remember, Kramer likes the fundmentals, & research. Me the charts tell me what the market THINKS about the stock... remember the MARKET is right not research.

    Here's a vew to think about: think your always shorting a stock... and when stocks stop dropping, OR after a BIG drop, shorts cover... it stock is slowing dripping down, stay in for the trend.. If stocks SPIKE, shorts like to fade...

    Ever see when a stock falls, it falls REALLY hard? why? longs get out in fear and shorts sell weakness... Ever see a stock RISE like it falls..

    I have tried a few Kramer stocks....
    How's the Kramer Tech Rally.. I may long techs when he and others dont like it anymore...

    Now, if I can only follow my own advice.... :lol:

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    Jerry. Cramer may end up being the final determining factor on whether TA is better than fundamental analysis :lol: If anyone plans on making their investment decisions based on what Cramer says they should at least pay careful attention to what he says when he is wrong. If you had just bought pretty much any natgas stock based on his foaming at the mouth bullishness on the day he saw natgas futures at 17.00, would you be happy with the advice he gave you on tonight's show? I sure wouldn't be 8O To answer your question about why gains are given up so quickly, the market is a system of transferring emotion via your wallet If things are equitable between buyer and seller there is a steady marketplace. Times like that do not require the market to get things back to normal quickly because everyone is happy so to speak. The big falls come when the buyers are willing to pay whatever price is necessary to get it to the point where people who want it either can't afford it or won't pay the price out of principle It's just a matter of figuring out when those times occur. I don't think you can do that using fundamentals. Somebody please tell me why AAPL is a great value for instance.

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