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Thread: heLP!

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    need some advise on these stocks- buy or sell


    what do you guys and girls think


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    Yeah, now that Cramer turned bearish on it (after costing those fokes who chased his buy call 10-15% in losses) I guess maybe SIRI can run to 7.50 again, huh? There is always room for more idiots on the fast train to dreamworld. Let's see if the Cramer reversal causes another stock price reversal. Look what he did for TIBX when he finally threw in the towel on that dawg! :lol: At least he had a shot at a long term bottom with TIBX. Ya gots no longterm shot with SIRI. Unless Howard Stern can convince the masses of smut lovers that $12.95 a month is not too steep a price to pay to hear naked women on da radio. Anybody who signs up just to hear Howard Sternum is an outright sucker. That's just me own opinion of course. Like for instance, I won't buy Nike sneakers either since they hire "poor role models" and pay em a ton of $$$ just so that you and I can buy sneakers that cost $1.97 to manufacture. Lemma axe ya a question since you own SIRI stock? How many SIRI products/subscriptions did you give away as Christmas gifts?

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    Yeah my fast train to dreamworld got derailed! I lost 8% I think boo is right it can go on up now without me! I hate this stock almost as much as he does now :evil:

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    Everyone I know who has xm or siri radios in their new cars (came with the radio) do not subscribe. We're talking at least 20 people who think the subscription is another bill they don't really need. Just my partial observation of the product since reading all the threads on these stocks. Guess I never really considered it since there is a subscription...........just my take, and I'm a die hard radio fan. Numbers of subscriptions will tell the tale, but a pretty exciting industry at this early stage in the game.

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    Hee haw! that's a goodun! I like yer sense of humour! :lol: IPOnDered upon my one lowly dawg of consequence that is Hee Haw and said to meself, Self! Who shivagits?! Meself didn't answer so I figured I felt da same way. If you gots one stock in yer port I guess one bad AAPL ainna such a big deal. 8O

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