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Thread: Thoughts on the "new" CNBC

  1. Default Thoughts on the "new" CNBC

    What does everyone think of the "new" CNBC format during the day. This was a major revamp of the graphics and presentation (along with a new Squawk Box). There has been a firestorm of criticism and outrage over the Sci-Fi channel inspired presentation.

    I was curious to see what all us Cramerholics thought?

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    not for me.

    Too "glitzy" I liked the flat graphics before.
    Now the "see thru" charts are harder to read (for me)

    Ticker is harder to figure out now.

    What happened to a Haynes? I watch from about 6:00 - 7:05 and didn't see him on, only the new team....

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    Haines has been pushed back to "Squawk on the Street" which is at 9am-10am I think. Bizarre why they kicked him to the back when it seems he was pretty popular.

    Thierry you might reconsider that wish when you see the "new" look haha. I also think a refreshed CNBC would be a good idea. I was looking forward to the redesign but I think the designers went a little crazy.

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    This new format looks like something from the Sci-Fi channel of the videogame channel G4 TV. The alerts are loud and gawdy and the sound effects of the graphics often drown out the anchors 8O . There is also too much shimmering and twisting with the graphs. Everything just looks like it is trying too hard to be hip and cutting edge.

    It's a nice step to know the execs aren't complacent but this redesign is wacky. Smells of the "new Coke" fiasco. I wouldn't be surprised if a more elegant version is rolled out in a few months (or I hope).

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    yes, i agree with all of you. i really dislike it - it's too glitzy and sci-fi like. i know they want to make it state-of-the-art and very business like, but now it's too glitzy. it's like watching an NFL game on Fox - with all those sounds and clings and graphics along the top. also, the ticker i find hard to decipher -- it seems like they just pick like 10 stocks and keep them in a loop. i hope they change it to something a little more calm and toned-down.

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