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Thread: FORD - wish I could get more

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    Figuring FORD didn't have much downside, I got some 3 weeks ago, now after today's fiasco, wish I wasn't tapped out, because I am down big on this one, and don't see how anyone could lose, since this reaction is in my opinion, overdone. Not trying to pump, just trying to make someone some money. Check it out.

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    i have been waiting for 5.00 on ford. i was wondering if the 5.00 entry would be a one day wonder. not sure?

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    Regretably, I got in with 200 on the 2nd at 17.25. Ouch!! House of pain 3 weeks running, only to realize true agony today. I make my own decisions, but that still doesn't stop me from loathing the ceo with his positive outlook today, while wiping out my cash in the same breath. Oh,well, still doubled the DIA this year.

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    Different strokes for different folks. What is rediculous is getting stopped out at the bottom of a little dip a few times and watching your stock recover and take off without you. And yes, I have heard of them, and used them back when, but got tired of what they cost me in gains. That is one point where I firmly agree with Cramer now, so you go ahead and put your stop losses in place.

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    I'm not talking about a measly 10% stop loss that has a good chance of getting hit... maybe 40, even 50%. You are going to be holding F forever and your cash is going to be tied up while other better investments come and go.

    I'm a firm believer in cut your losers off and let your winners run. Of course, if I hold a stock over a month, something's gone wrong.

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