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Thread: Would you buy a car from a bankrupt auto maker?

  1. Default Would you buy a car from a bankrupt auto maker?

    yet people will buy an airline ticket in advance from a bankrupt airline ... interesting. At least with a car you receive a "good", while an airline ticket is only the promise of a service in the future. Just another reason why most people are stu...

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    Most people are indeed stupid. Begging the question of whether they'd have any idea what was going on with a business when they were buying a car. I would expect, in truth, the public response to a car company's bankruptcy to be very similar to that of an airline's. It's just that when you do a stupid survey, using stupid people, you get stupid results!

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    well the cars gm makes are good cars they are just in the wrong market nowadays cause they are not selling long lasting small cars like honda and toyota are!! The japs are smart!

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    Nah, people are basically lemmings who can't think on their own. So they will follow the crowd or they will buy a story that makes common sense. The thing I like about the Japanese automakers is that they realize that they can take a car that looks like a piece of crap and has about as much style as the next Japanese piece of crap and they can hype reliability, good gas milage, and they can use the currency spreads to keep da prices down because they know the U.S. gov't needs to keep prices for goods produced down. Of course the U.S. carmakers didn't help themselves, and I still don't think GM gets it by the looks of that new Saturn SUV a comin out. I wonder if the average age of GM's design team is below 10 years old. But the U.S. automakers are coming back in a big way. I promise you that if you own a Camrry, an Accord, A Mootshoobooshee or any other piece of overpriced Japanese crap that gets great mileage you will be axin yerself why in about 2 years. The U.S. automakers ainna goin bust. The way America thinks is goin bust, but I am personally workin on changing America's car buying opinions, one customer at a time! :wink:

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    Jap car makers ain't very smart, they like "average" business owners. They know what customer want and then make the right products for them.

    F and GM r hopeless, they don't know what the customers want. They make ugly, old style, low milage, unsafe, cheap quality, 0 resale value, and ugly (Oop, did i mention that before? :lol: ) I think their designers are either 79 yr old or they just want to make something that their "senior" CEO like. U know, if CEO doesn't like it, it is not a "good" design"...

    I think they can make it better if they "really" want to... like "K car" was a big hit in 90. If their CEO still doesn't realize their problem, bankcrupcy is the only result for them.

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    i think the big three are getting what they deserve! imo, you buy a new car and at 50 k you be fixing it. plastic this and plastic that! wtf... plastic does not go on the engine desighners! american consumer thinks it is a rip off to pay to have a car fixed within 75k of when purchased. i useed a fleet of ford f-550 trucks for wreckers and carriers and they were fragile garbage. i useed chevrolets c3500hd for the same use and those were garbage-150k tops and they were wore out.
    we now have a winning combo. gm's c6500 series with the cat 3126 engine and the allison auto trans, that truck be a monster reliable unit. offered by gm..

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    I think the consumers who was surveyed are thinking for their long-term service for which I understand. They probably realized that, if a auto company is going bankrupt, they are already assuming that there must be something wrong with how the company develop cars, run the company or just the people not having that confidence anymore.

    If I think that one of their car is solid and a great buy, it shouldn't matter regardless of how the company is doing. Especially that GM, a few months back offered some great discounts on their cars which obviously didn't work out very well on their part. I would leave it there for a reason that I like that model regardless of how the company is doing. But I don't like either GM or Ford to begin with even before; I always like Hondas or Toyota because they're more reliable and they can run forever.

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