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Thread: Another perfect option op...

  1. Default Another perfect option op...

    I already used my lock of the month, EYE (.EYEMI) which I traded for 35% in 2 days. Now I have another that I feel just as good about...

    AMZN - .ZQNMJ 50 PUT JAN 2006 @ 1.70 or lower...

    Good luck.

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    If you got in at $1.70 (which was high, you could have easily gotten in at $1.60), you are already up 11%, expect 30% or so. Don't be a pig.

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    To anybody that bought this Netflix option pick (probably just myself) all I can say is a sarcastic thanks to Citigroup. I still see this overpriced stock selling off big time come January.

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    We don't buy sick stocks, but this name looks intriuging. Do a little work, and determine the dates when Kerkorian sold his stock, then go forward thirty days and see if you can get in front of his buyback. It was, after all, a tax strategy to sell the shares, and he'll likely repurchase them as soon as the window opens up...or the market will think he will. Might be an option trade so you limit your downside if it doesn't pop. Or just buy the stock and put it away...what's the downside at this point? Probably less than ten bucks a share, given the assets...and don't forget the dividend.

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    You're up 20%+ now... Don't get greedy and decide where YOU want to exit. I've never been good at deciding when to exit a stock.
    Why would anyone want to jump on this hand grenade? Anyone watching the news from NYC has a front-row seat of what's coming down the pipe for GM. Either they'll have to cut their benefits (Hello Strike) or they'll go bankrupt. Stock won't be able to recover with those problems hanging over its head.

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