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Thread: PRGX Pullback?

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    We have to see a PRGX pullback, right?

    New to trading, and it just seems like we have to see a slight pullback in PRGX from the $.61 high, maybe to the $.49 - $.53 range.


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    There really is no telling. I sold mine at .50 and am happy with my 60% return in the last two weeks or so.

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    Well, the last half-hour showed an uptrend. I currently show a lot of green, but a red hammer in the last interval₦which is not bad at all. Now that the bonds are closing, I₄m not sure which direction it₄s going to go. Also, it seems to be showing a small time resistance at .87. I pushed my stop-limit up to .74 and hope this ends nicely. Where and how this ends today will be a good indicator of what₄s in store for tomorrow.

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    PRGX has been my most prifitable trade ever. I bought 5000 shares at .34 and still holding. Tommorrow will be it's 3rd day up so I expect a pullback at end of day(maybe). It's hard to say because of PRGX's huge volume and momentum. PRGX can be back at $3 in a few days.

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    Congrats, TCG! I got in this morning @ .60 and I'm already up over 40% on it. I had to really fight the urge to sell this afternoon. Do you have a target exit in mind? Do you really think this thing can get back to over $3 in a few days? 8O I'm noivous.

    BTW - Your picks have made me over $600 (not including PRGX) so far and have really sparked my interest in technical analysis. I'm glad you're up big.

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    Look at the volume on PRGX the last 2 days! Lots of buyers coming in and short covering. The fundamentals have change for the better and many traders feel that PRGX is oversold. Look at the chart. I don't see real resistance until $3. However, if it goes up again tommorrow, that will be its 3rd day up. I like to sell when a stock is up 3 days in a row. That's why I'm watching it intraday on my 5 minute chart. I will sell half of my position as soon as I see resistance and let my profit ride. Now I'm waiting for IES to rise from the dead :?

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