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Thread: Heading to my daughter's first elk hunt tomorrow. Maybe.

  1. Default Heading to my daughter's first elk hunt tomorrow. Maybe.

    This has been long overdue. She's prepared now for her first hunt for about 18 months. Last year, on the day we drove to our cabin, we got hit by a freak snow storm. Got snowed out.

    Trying again this year..... everything packed, she is practiced, got even better loads worked up for her 30-06 (1.044" groups at 200yds, no kidding).

    Guess what. Another early snow storm is rolling in. Grrrrrrrrr........

    We may get one day of hunt before it hits. We might hunt that day, then come down off the hill and overnight in town to see how bad it gets. Try to get in the next day early and pick up where we left off.

    Apparently, even in a drought, she and I can make it snow. Keep your fingers crossed for her.

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    Best of luck! On both the snow and the elk.

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    Looks like maybe that storm is not going to happen? We have high hopes for the weekend too-- bore site in a new .30-.30 and scope, and if it is clear, setup the telescope Saturday night-- darkest skies in the country in northern NM.

    1.5" groups at 200 yards is impressive. What is the gun and scope? It sounds like you hand-load. Want to try that sometime soon. Best of luck for your daughter.

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    Luck to you both. I'm still sticking arrows in them for another month.

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    Good luck all around!

    We leave tomorrow so the boys and a friend can hunt deer even though they seem scarce this year (maybe the cougars and wolves have something to do with that but I also think the economy does too....).

    I'll spend time at the cabin and enjoy it while maybe shooting a grouse or two and perhaps a wabbit or two (I like eating wabbit's!).....

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