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    I started this thread to share with you some trading system ideas.

    My first technique would be to use intercorrelation between sector ETFs to create a sentiment indicator to predict movement of the S&P 500.

    Market Sector Correlations as Sentiment Measure - Seeking Alpha

    The idea is to take several sector ETFs, calculate the intercorrelation between these ETFs, take the absolute value of each correlation then average the result.

    Here is a ready to use indicator you can use in QuantShare:
    Sentiment Measure Using ETF Sector Correlations

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    interesting - and then how do you trade it ?

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    Like any sentiment indicator, there are several ways to trade this.
    But I am going to post only ideas and techniques here. I am not going to explain how to trade each one.

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    How about developing a trading system just with the price action alone without much usage of the indicators.

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    What would be the best components to use in a trading system? Direct price action and patterns or priced derived indicators? Would be interested in responses. Has anyone ever tried building statistics into trading system like statistics on the average retracements after a move of x percent?

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